Q: What is the main focus of the program? Recreational fun? Elite competition?
A proud participating member of a state-wide developmental league, (The MBYLL), Melrose Youth Lacrosse strives to teach competitive skills to boys and girls from kindergarten to middle school. We have been doing so in a relaxed, fun learning environment conducive to the development of youth athletes. Our current players and alumni have not only learned to master the fundamentals of the sport, but they have learned to play the game safely, selflessly, and respectfully.

We also have a "Select" program within the MYLL  and MBGYLL for our U13 & U15 age groups. These "Select" teams are compromised of players whom the coaches have evaluated as the "Elite" players within our program. These players compete against other town's "Select" teams. This is separate from the normal schedule of games that are played on Sunday's.

Q: When are games?
MYLL games are played on Sundays. However, sometimes our coaches will schedule games during the week during their regular practice times.

Q: Where can I buy Lacrosse equipment?
The best place to buy lacrosse equipment is from a store that specializesin lacrosse equipment as opposed to a general merchandise sports store. We recommend Lacrosse Unlimited. They have stores and in Danvers and Medford. They have an excellent starter packages (includes helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves and stick).

Q: How much travel is involved with Lacrosse?
The Melrose Boys program is a member of the Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League's (MBYLL) Northwest region. They will play local teams from Burlington, Watertown, Belmont, Wakefield, Woburn, Lexington and other surrounding communities. The furthest we might play a regular season game is Westford, Pepperell & Chelmsford. 

The Melrose Girl's program is a member of the Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League's (MBGLL) North Region. They will play local teams from Reading, Lynnfield, Wilmington, Medford and other surrounding communities. The furthest we might play a regular season game is Haverhill, Ipswich, North Andover & Newburyport.

Q: How long is the Lacrosse season?
The MBYLL & MBGLL seasons start in early April and end in early June. We also participate in end of season "Jamborees" These are usually held around the third weekend in June.

Q: Does Melrose hold "tryouts" for teams? Is it possible that my son will get "cut" and not be able to play?
Melrose does NOT hold tryouts for the MBYLL & MBGLL teams. Teams are divided EQUALLY (For age groups with more than one team) and everyone who wants to play lacrosse in Melrose will have a team to play on. There are no "A" teams or "B" teams. This is strictly against the rules of the MBYLL & MBGLL and Melrose Lacrosse firmly adheres to those rules.

Q: I've heard that Melrose has a “Select” team at the U13 & U15 level. What is this all about?
Melrose sponsors a team made up of dedicated select lacrosse players who will play games against teams from other towns with similar programs. These teams will be separate from the MBYLL & MBGLL teams that play on Sundays and will play a weekly game into the summer. This team will have open tryouts for a limited amount of spots. As a result, the possibility exists that players will be cut. An Email will go out to players explaining the selection process in the near future.

Q: My son/daughter plays another sport during the spring. Will this be a problem?

Melrose does not require a player to be a lacrosse player exclusively. Some of our players at the U9 level (1st, 2nd graders) and U11 level (3rd, 4th graders) play another spring sport and this is generally not a problem as long as the coach is informed. At the U13 level, (5th and 6th grades) coaches are given the opportunity to make decisions about playing time based on practice attendance. For the most part this is based on safety and fairness to players who have made lacrosse their spring sport of choice. At the U15 level (7th, 8th grades) almost all of the players have chosen lacrosse as their spring sport of choice. At the U15 level most of the players will have to make decision anyway as they enter the 9th grade where playing two sports really is not an option. We understand that in some cases a player's winter sport runs over into the early spring and that conflicts do occur with either a practice or game. All we ask is that you inform your son's or daughter's coach and provide them with as much notice as possible.

Q: How and when can parents contact a coach?
Please do not hesitate to contact your child's coach through any form of contact. Or, just ask for a word after a practice or game. We would love to talk with you. Parental questions and / or feedback is essential to maintaining a transparent relationship and open dialogue concerning the Parent, Player & Coach.

Q: What is the #1 thing parents should do to show support and interest in their child's sport?
There is some excellent information on the US Lacrosse websiteAlso learn about the game of lacrosse. There are many intricacies to the game that, to the uneducated, go unnoticed and misunderstood. Watch a game on TV (College or Professional) or attend a Melrose High game. There are many colleges in the area that are nationally ranked. Tufts was the Men's 2010 Div. III National Champion & the 2011 runner-up and they play their games in Medford. Harvard Stadium is home to both Harvard lacrosse and the professional 2012 MLL Champions Boston Cannons. Boston College's women's team is in the top 10 of the national rankings and Boston University's women's team is also always very strong.

Q: Are there restrictions on parent attendance at practice, games, events?
There are no restrictions on parental attendance at any of our practices, games or events. Just the opposite, we encourage your attendance. We do however, have a code of conduct that we strictly adhere to and enforce.

Q: What qualifications does the coach have?
All of our coaches have been certified through either US Lacrosse, MBYLL (Boys) or MBGLL (Girls). They attend many hours of coaches clinics in the form of lectures, practical field instruction and examinations. This is required. No certification, no coaching. Also, all of our coaches are required to be CORI checked and approved.

Q: What is the total financial commitment for each athlete. Are there optional fees parents should know about?
The MYLL's registration fees are currently $225 for the first player with a $25 reduction for each sibling. U9 players are $150. Uniforms are $70 for jersey and shorts, which can also be purchased individually for $35. The uniforms are for the players to keep and you only need to order another uniform if you want one. The MYLL does not have any additional fundraising campaigns. While donations from individuals and corporations are always welcome, we do not require any of our players to sell raffle tickets or anything similar.